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About Roseade

Welcome to your one-stop shop for the finest canned sparkling rosé lemonade, Roseade Spritzer. Roseade is the ultimate day drink.

Our canned spritzer, Roseade, delivers the perfect blend of fresh, traditional lemonade and top-notch rosé. It's a tribute to our Australian roots, promising an unforgettable burst of flavors that mirror a California beach party on a sunny day.

Here's the deal - Roseade is like a party in a can, with the sophistication of California vineyards and the exhilarating punch of freshly squeezed lemons. Get ready to have your taste buds blown away by this zesty sparkling wine sensation!

Our wine spritzer is alluringly simple. Grab a can, crack it open, pour it into a glass, and enjoy it during a relaxing day by the pool or at brunch with your besties. It's convenience and style combined like never before!

Grab a cooler, full of Roseade Spritzer, grab some friends, and get ready to have a day of refreshment and fun with no hangover! Get ready for some seriously delightful sips.

Our rosé spritzer is made with 100% all natural ingredients, less calories than a glass of wine, low sugar, and gluten free. Zero artificial ingredients here!

Each sip is a party in your mouth. Here's to good vibes in a can!

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