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This funky fresh wine spritzer is here to bring nothing but good times and good vibes! Created in Australia in 2018, Roseade Spritzer is now made in the good ole US of A. It’s made from top notch California Rosé and traditional lemonade (freshly squeezed of course) with a bit of spritz. Yep, it’s one bloody delicious can of fun that tastes like a summer beach party in your mouth… Yum!

Born in Australia and raised in California

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  • "Why have I not been drinking this my whole life?? Rosé + lemonade = a true match made in heaven. You'll soon find yourself ditching the spiked seltzers. (Yup, I said it!)"

  • “We’d argue a more perfect summer cocktail doesn’t exist!”

  • “My go-to cocktail is Roseade Spritzer. It’s all natural with zero chemicals or artificial flavors, which is a huge plus in my book!”

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Step aside, traditional wine spritzers

Roseade Spritzer is tart - not sticky sweet. If you love lemonade like we do, you will love Roseade Spritzer fusion of premium rosé wine and hand-squeezed traditional lemonade, sparkling with the perfect amount of spritz.

Our unique California-Aussie inspired concoction ensures each sip transports you on a taste trek that feels like a jaunt through a sun-drenched vineyard, intertwined with the zest of a lemon grove in full bloom. This ready to drink rosé lemonade spritz is the taste of summer in a can!

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Fizzy Rosé Lemonade Wine Spritzer

The Roseade Recipe

The Rosé

The rosé sparkling wine breathes life into Roseade! Our rosé is meticulously chosen from superior vineyards scattered across sunny California. Each grape is hand-selected at the pinnacle of its sweetness, soaking up the golden Californian sunshine to ensure its flavors, aromas, and character are fully developed.

This is no ordinary rosé wine sparkling in your glass. This is a rosé that narrates its provenance, mirroring the warm California climate, the abundant, fertile soil, and the passion of the winemakers who masterfully create it. It's all about equilibrium – striking the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, and fruity zest.

Our rosé sparkling wine in Roseade is acclaimed for its dynamic, fruity profile. It bursts with notes of ripe strawberries, delicate citrus, and a touch of melon, creating a refreshing yet intricate base for our spritzer. The wine's inherent acidity beautifully balances the sweetness of the lemonade, while its fruit-forward nature contributes depth and body to the beverage.

The elegance and vibrant nature of our rosé shine brightly in every can of Roseade, bestowing it with its signature flavor. It adds a level of sophistication and fun, morphing this spritzer into a genuinely unique and delightful beverage.

With Roseade, you're not just savoring a revitalizing spritzer. You're experiencing a slice of Australia, a taste of sun-drenched vineyards, and the craftsmanship of experienced winemakers in each sip. It embodies the heart of the party, the soul of the beach, and the joy of the sun, all in a single can.

So, let's toast to Roseade – the spritzer that encapsulates the Aussie spirit with its first-rate rosé sparkling and vibrant lemonade fusion. Here's to relishing the finest that the Down Under has to offer!

The Lemonade

The lemonade used in Roseade is anything but ordinary. We take pride in using only the finest traditional lemonade that's as freshly squeezed as they come.

You see, in the spirit of true blue Aussie tradition, we believe in quality, freshness, and good old natural ingredients. The lemonade in every can of Roseade embodies these values to the core. Made from the ripest, most aromatic lemons, this isn't your run-of-the-mill, store-bought lemonade. It's authentic, zesty, and brimming with the sunny goodness of pure lemon juice.

Why do we go to such lengths? Because we believe that an exceptional spritzer deserves the best. The lemonade in Roseade is what gives our spritzer that burst of revitalizing citrusy tang that perfectly complements the elegant notes of our Rosé.

The zing from the lemons not only adds a fantastic tang but also rounds off the spritzer with a subtle sweetness. It's the harmonious blend of these flavors that sets Roseade apart from any other drink on the market.

Moreover, our lemonade is full of natural, refreshing hydration, making Roseade an excellent choice to quench your thirst on a balmy summer day or to invigorate your senses during a laid-back gathering with mates.

With Roseade, you're not just getting a drink; you're getting a promise - a promise of quality, freshness, and a perfect fusion of Rosé and lemonade that's nothing short of a delight. So, here's to the power of lemons and to the unparalleled joy of savoring the best rose lemonade spritzer on the market, Roseade!

The Spritz

Let's not forget about the spritz! It adds that light and bubbly personality that makes Roseade so refreshing and easy to drink. Whether you're kicking back at a barbecue, lounging on the beach, or just chilling on your porch, Roseade is the ultimate companion to enhance your moment. There may be other rosé wine spritzers out there, but this blend with lemonade really takes the cake!

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